Thursday, March 27, 2008

InfoBrief: Bloomberg Law has Arrived at CLS

Greetings everyone,

Bloomberg is now offering free access to B-Law for all Cornell law professors and students.  B-Law is a growing legal database, specializing in business related primary and secondary legal sources.  From their web site:
Bloomberg Law is our legal, regulatory and compliance platform, offering a suite of news, data, analytics and research tools to the legal and compliance community. BLOOMBERG LAW is fully-integrated into the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service and tailored specifically for the needs of a modern law-firm, providing practitioners with indispensable resources for all their business-development, sector-intelligence, research, and information needs. BLOOMBERG LAW's news, data and analysis is delivered in user-friendly formats and features full-text database search and alert functionality, analytical reports, litigation-research tools, and competitive-intelligence profiles.
Registration is required and entails logging on with a �B-unit,� a finger-print recognition gadget you receive when opening your account. The Bloomberg representative, Valerie Boccadoro, will be registering interested members of the Cornell law community in the foyer during the mornings of April 1, 2, and 3.  You can register there or ask that she stop by your office during one of those afternoons. If these dates conflict with your schedule, she is available for individual appointments at other times.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, email Valerie at or contact Jean Callihan, our in-house Bloomberg coordinator, at