Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BNA Password & Alerts

If you access BNA materials from home or on the road, you’ll need to know that the password has changed.  And if you are not accessing BNA materials, consider this your personal invitation to sign up for the BNA Alerts that will let you know when the latest information in your field is added to the BNA web.


First, for the password:  I will send an e-mail to the faculty today with the new password.  Since this blog posting is up on the web where anyone could find it, we don’t want to give away the store by including it here.


You remember BNA, the Bureau of National Affairs publisher of U.S. Law Week that you used in paper way back when.  It’s all on the web now.  You can link from the Law Library home page or bookmark the entry page for Cornell Law School.  From your office, you do not need a password to get in.


Sign up for e-mail summaries of any BNA news service or any BNA reference library.  Choose from over 100 products, including  Labor Relations ReporterCorporate Law Daily, ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct, Computer Technology Law Report, Criminal Law Reporter, Securities Regulation & Law Report, and International Trade Reporter.  Of course, you can read and research in all of these materials at any time.


Feel free to contact me or your librarian liaison to learn more about BNA resources and for assistance in setting up your Alerts.  It’s one of the best ways to stay up with the Supreme Court Today!


Pat Court

Associate Law Librarian



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Using the New Books List

A list of new books at Cornell Law Library is posted on our web site twice a month.  I wanted to point out a few features of our New Books List, which is always linked from our home page, which will help you use the list to its fullest.

When looking at the web page with the New Books List, you can click on the book title in red, to go to the Cornell Library Catalog.  There you will see more information about the book, sometimes the Table of Contents or a Summary.  From there you can also request holds, recalls, and delivery from another library.

When you click on the image of the book cover, you go to its record on Amazon.com, where you can read reviews and purchase the book if you’d like.

Our list of new books also includes books about legal topics that are added at other libraries on campus, usually at Olin, Industrial and Labor Relations, Management, or Kroch Asia libraries.  The titles are found throughout the list, which is arranged by subject call number.

If you want to see what other new books have been added by libraries all across campus, you can click on Search and Browse New Books at Cornell University Library, a link found at the top left of each of our New Books List.  Select from broad topics such as political science, technology, history, and social sciences.

Feel free to contact your librarian liaison if you would like any of these books checked out and delivered to your office.   We love to get books into your hands!

Pat Court

Associate Law Librarian



Monday, August 23, 2010

Renewing Cornell Library Books

Welcome to the 2010-2011 academic year at Cornell Law School! This InfoBrief comes to you about once a week from the Law Library, with information on services and resources of particular use to you.

If you check out library books at Cornell, you will want to know there is a new campus policy that limits your check-out period to one year, instead of the indefinite ”forever” loans of the last several years. However, because the Law Library wants to be sure you have the materials you need, we will automatically renew your Cornell library books at the end of each summer for another year so you can keep them, as needed.

You are, of course, welcome to return any books as you finish using them. And, remember that you will receive computerized e-mails alerting you when you have overdue books, items recalled by another researcher, and similar messages. Be sure to follow up on those, and ask us if you need any assistance.

You can get further information on borrowing materials at Cornell libraries here. Or contact me or your librarian liaison with any questions about using the library.

Best wishes for a very successful year!

Pat Court
Associate Law Librarian